Season’s Eatings! Holiday Eating Tips for Diabetics

December 2018

From the Desk of the Director of Nursing

Visions of sugar plums dance merrily in our heads at Christmas, but for those with diabetes, the holidays can be a sugary minefield. Here are some suggestions from The Cleveland Clinic for enjoying gatherings and special treats.

Know your status
Are you currently managing your diabetes well? Are you producing good amounts of insulin? You should be able to try a treat or two.

Stay on schedule
Don’t skip a meal because you indulged earlier. You might think it’s a good idea, but chances are, you’ll overeat later. Follow your routine as closely as possible.

Keep track of sweets
Include any sweets and treats in your carbohydrate budget, not in addition to. If you know there’s a beloved dessert coming up for dinner, plan.

Check blood sugar frequently
If you are taking insulin or medications that lower your blood sugar, check your blood sugar more frequently than you usually do.

Choose wisely
Go for veggie-based appetizers first at a party, then enjoy meat or cheese appetizers. And avoid temptation by not standing near the food. Stay hydrated with water or, for a more festive option, add a lime or lemon twist to bubbly club soda. A calorie-free drink in your hands will help keep them busy and not adding snacks to a plate.

More Holiday Eating Tips 

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