Understanding the Types Care at Stone County Rehabilitation & Nursing Center

June 2023

At Stone County Rehabilitation & Nursing Center, we are committed to helping our patients achieve their healthcare goals during their stay with us. Our team of highly-skilled, licensed and certified medical professionals provide specialized rehabilitative health services in a safe environment, helping individuals regain strength and be in better health than when they first arrived.


Short-term care consists of therapy and rehabilitation services that demand close attention and cannot be easily provided at a hospital or home. There are various situations where older adults might require short-term care after a serious injury or illness. For example, your father may need rehabilitation to regain skills like feeding and dressing after a stroke. Once short-term care patients reach their treatment goals, they can return home or to their senior living community.


If you or a loved one requires help with daily living activities, our short-term rehabilitation services are designed to cater to individual health and personal needs. We provide various levels of care to ensure everyone receives the support they need.


The need for care can arise gradually or as chronic illnesses and disabilities worsen. This can include cognitive impairments such as memory loss, confusion, or disorientation associated with Alzheimer’s or dementia.


Some residents are independent in most activities of daily living but require minimal assistance. Others may receive non-skilled personal care assistance with tasks like eating, bathing/grooming, dressing, using the restroom, managing incontinence, transferring and medication oversight/administration.


Initially, a treatment plan is set to address the patient’s condition and the expected timeframe for reaching their goals. Ideally, residents complete their rehabilitation therapy and return home. Sometimes, short-term care may transition into ongoing care within our network or at another long-term community.


Insurance coverage can be influenced by the progress made toward the treatment plan. While some patients achieve their goals on schedule, others may progress at a slower pace due to various factors such as weakness, illness, or a delayed response to treatment. Other factors affecting a patient’s ability to return home include memory loss or disorientation, environmental barriers, insufficient insurance coverage for necessary home care services, symptoms of depression or isolation and personal limitations in family caregiving.


At Stone County Nursing & Rehabilitation Center, we understand that short-term care can be challenging news for patients who initially planned to return home after treatment. If you have any questions about our care services, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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